Montana Fly Fishing

Were well into the new year out here in Missoula. Getting record snowfalls in the area which is good no matter how you look at it. We could have a quick warm up, and the runoff could be done again in mid June. But it’s also possible that we could have a wet spring and runoff could be lasting into July. Either way you look at it there is going to be a big push of water, and this is good for the streams. This will cleanse the sediment up which was a problem in some spots with algae blooms last year.
So spring is right around the corner if things warm up a bit we should start to have some Skwala action on the Root. Good time to start tying up some bugs and doing some maintenance on the equipment. Remember that line that had the tip that didn’t float. Time to fix it so your ready when your jumping in the boat. Take a paper towel, wet it down and put a few drops of dawn detergent it. Run your line through it till you don’t see that brown scum anymore. Then pick up a jar of Albolene make up remover and moisturizer at the drugstore. $10 will get you a lifetime supply. Run another paper towel with this and it’ll treat your line. BTW fill up those empty Aquel bottles with it too. Basically the same stuff as came in it originally. At a fraction of the cost.
While your at it. Grab an old fly box and go through all of your boxes an cull all those flies you don’t really use. Also those that have legs missing or need some love. Sometimes a minute at the vise can bring back to life. If not put them in that extra box and pass it down to someone thats just getting started fly fishing., chances are they might love to have them.
We’ll be in shorts and sandals before you know it.

Doug Jones