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The “Mighty Mo” provides some fantastic fishing – and often times the best fishing is when our other rivers are running to fast and high.  In several of our “hot spots” of the Missouri River, it is hard to even catch a trout under 18 inches!  Clear Creek Outfitters can give you a real  experience with our Missouri River Fly Fishing Guided Trips.

Missouri River Fly Fishing Guides

Missouri River Fly Fishing Trips are VERY UNIQUE!

The Missouri River is an important river to us for several reasons. For one, it adds variety to what we are able to offer for Montana Fly fishing. More importantly, we’re able to use this tail-water fishery when our local streams are blown out due to the melting snow-pack. Another reason to take the opportunity to travel over to the Missouri River is not only the scenic drive, but the opportunity to catch larger fish on average. The numbers on the upper stretch approach 16,000 fish per mile. This is one of the largest rivers in Montana and also has some of the highest fishing pressure. So, if the size of the fish is more important to you than solitude and a more intimate river, then the Missouri River would be a great option.

We tend to fish this stream spring, early summer and late fall. We tend to avoid The Missouri in late summer due to an increase in algae bloom, which is a result of low flows and warmer temps. The algae bloom affects the nymph fishing and increases the challenge of landing a fish without the extra salad on the line.

For the most part, there are 4 full-day floats that we offer on the Missouri River. Since it involves a 2 hour drive both there and back, it makes for a long day but is well worth the extra time.

The Missouri River is often referred to as the largest spring creek in Montana. Since it is a tail-water, the clarity remains good year round and doesn’t fluctuate nearly as much as some of the other rivers in the state. Due to this clarity, and the increased angler pressure, the fish can sometimes be a little more wary and require a little more stealth. Not only do we fish many different techniques but we also have our own special variants on each type. As a result of many years of fishing on this river, the Clear Creek Outfitters fishing guides have developed some special techniques that can be most helpful in fooling an “educated” trout.

If you want to specifically fish the Missouri River please call us to discuss dates and availability. If you are interested in fly-fishing the Missouri River please contact us about the dates you would like to visit, and we can make some great recommendations based on our extensive experience and your individual fly-fishing goals. Certain rivers afford different opportunities to anglers based upon their level of expertise, so please be honest about your abilities; we want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

Clear Creek Outfitters are very experienced Missouri River Fly Fishing Guides

Guided Fly Fishing Missoula Clear Creek Outfitters

Local Full-Day: $650/boat

Local Half-Day $550/boat

* 30-day cancellation policy applies to all trips.
** Deposit Return is subject to a 5% fee.
*** Price does not include the recommended guide gratuity of 20%.

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Aaron - Montana Fly Fishing

Aaron Bonsall

Lean Mean Fishing Machine

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I learned to fly fish and tie flies from my father at a young age. This hobby turned into an obsession, and I quickly found myself spending most of my free time on the water. Originally being from Montana, I knew I had to make the trek back out west to the trout fishing mecca. I enjoy guiding for many reasons, but the best part is getting to share my passion with others and helping them learn as much as possible during a day on the water. I get just as excited watching people catch fish as I do catching them myself and seeing their reaction and adrenaline is part of what makes fly fishing so special to me.

Justin - Montana Fly Fishing

Justin Hoerner

Fly Fishing Fool

ustin Hoerner is a Montana native with over 20 years of fly fishing experience on the freestones and tailwater’s of western Montana. As a young child, he cut his teeth on the Big Hole River. Education brought him to Missoula Montana where he gained extensive knowledge of the Bitterroot, Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers. As a guide, Justin is a patient and personable instructor who loves taking out the first time angler or seasoned vet. During the off season, Justin manages his family cattle ranch, hunts upland and migratory birds with his brother, and spends time with his wife and 3 dogs.

Aaron Bonsall

Patient Teacher

Originally from Virginia Alex Pontone grew up fishing the rivers and streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a kid he was never indoors and learned how to cast a flyrod chasing smallies at his families place along the New River. Looking for colder water and bigger mountains Alex headed west doing a short stint in Northern California and arrived in Missoula in 2001. Ever since, he has been unable to stay off the water. After graduating from the University of Montana and a couple great years of traveling and fishing he took up guiding and has worked the rivers of western Montana. When not rowing boats and walking banks Alex is the permanent substitute teacher at a local grade school and tries to spend as much time with his Golden Retriever, “Julie.”

Aaron - Montana Fly Fishing

Brooks Jessen

Trout Bum

Brooks Jessen, recounts his childhood as follows, “My first memories as a small boy were riding with my Dad in his jeep in the mountains near Ennis MT, catching trout in mountain lakes, and fishing the Madison River. By 5 years of age I was indoctrinated to be a hunter and fisherman.” He attended the U of M in Missoula Montana where he studied wildlife biology and geology. Brooks started professionally guiding fly fisherman and hunters in MT in 2001 and has guided on the Bitter Root, Clark Fork, Black Foot, Rock Creek, and the Missouri rivers in western Montana. Brooks is a husband and father of 2 children who love the outdoors and live to hunt and fish as much as he does. “There’s nothing better than spending time with my family, floating down these awesome Montana rivers, fly fishing,” he exclaims.

Missoula Montana River Guided Fly Fishing Trips