Montana Fly Fishing

Well, First batch of nice spring weather has everybody and their brother out on the Bitteroot. And you can’t really blame em. Winter can stretch out a bit. Last weekend was the worst for crowds, but the last couple of days, not so bad.
The best way to sum up the fishing has been a little spotty. Early morning has been more productive nymphing with a rubber leg and a midge nymph. Afternoon, usually 1-3pm or that 4-6 window has been the best for shots with Drys. Not a ton of bugs out. I’d like to think it’s still coming and not a case of past year’s extremely low water killing off the bugs..
Yesterday, a few Mayflies were out and hopefully the next week will bring some rain and bump up the water a bit. Flows are basically where they were last summer.

Blackfoot, Missoula
High Water