Montana Fly Fishing
This spring’s fishing has been a rollercoaster for sure. It was a little slow to get going in March, but picked up and was solid for sure. Many days were riddled with different types of weather conditions that at some time affected the fishing other times not so much. You could have Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, warm and cold all in one day, several times.
The key to good fishing for sure was keeping an eye on the water levels. Some much needed rain and high elevation snow would bump the flows for sure. But, more times than not the river would shape upper rebound fairly quick.
All the Local rivers seemed productive at times, with the Clark Fork having a little shorter window. The good news for sure was the amount of bugs out. Blue wing Olive’s were as good as they have been in a while. Solid stoneflies and Drakes and March Browns also. There were times You could look at the extremely small width of the Bitteroot last summer and wonder how the aquatic insects could adapt. But it seems they did.
This week looks like a fair amount of precipitation is on the way. And with a pretty good bump in the flows already, the temps close to 80’s predicted this upcoming weekend should start our runoff. So it may be the lakes and the Tailwaters for a while. Silver lining is were getting some much needed precip. And If that continues through June, then the poor winter snowpack will simply be an afterthought. Fingers crossed