Montana Fly Fishing

Well, Summer is here for sure. After a fairly cool June and great hatches, flows have dropped like a rock and we’re on Hoot Owl Regs on the Clark Fork. Some outstanding fishing was to be had. And some is still around. You just need to choose your floats wisely and be on the water much earlier. Following suit from the spring. There has been some really good hatches. Solid PMD’s, caddis, drakes and all size stones.
But like I mentioned earlier, the flows have dropped significantly in the last 10 days. Which on the Bitteroot, once again has almost made it impossible to get down the river without a portage or two, or three… It is really hard to float the river and not daydream what it could be like without all the diversion dams sucking the river dry. And also being able to clear deadly log jams w/out fear of losing your license.
The crowds have been pretty big on both the BFoot and Root. Sometimes pulling in to find 20 plus boats putting in. So its always a good idea to call your shuttle service and try and make a plan.
The 10 day forecast looks like 90’s everyday. so early starts and keeping the fish wet will be a must from now on. Not a great outlook for the rest of the summer. But, stranger things have happened. Maybe some August rain could help us out. Fingers crossed.
Till then, get out and hit it early, and take a swim in the afternoon.