Montana Fly Fishing
Things have finally shaped up and fishing is great. The last to start producing was the lower Bitteroot. Seems cold, and still a little high water was the hindrance. Blackfoot has been fishing great for a couple of weeks now. But, the crowds have never been higher!! Insane on some stretches, so choose your float wisely. I can never remembered so many overnighters covering the river. The Bitteroot is fishing much like the Blackfoot now. Pmd’s, Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and Golden stones are the way to go. Hatche’s have been very good, but unpredictable as too when they will start. It seems the fish have been eating so well that when the bugs are not coming off they just somewhat take a break and wait. Both rivers have also seen good caddis flies, especially the Blackfoot. This is somewhat of a new deal this early in the season. The one thing you want to keep in mind is on the Bitteroot almost every float has a portage jam on it and many are new. So keep you eyes open In can be deceptively dangerous. The West Fork has pretty much shut off the spigot on the water, flows are now around 250. And the Upper stretch has become a drag so to to speak. Those who are familiar with the float will know the small right channel a few miles down. This meandering channel is all but dry and requires a lengthy drag over dry gravel that is much more work than usual. Prime conditions on the Clark Fork right now and hasn’t really seen the pressure the other two have received. So get on out while you can. Things are dropping fast. No Telling where we will be in a couple weeks. Probably on the Lakes..