Montana Fly Fishing

Things probably couldn’t have shaped up any better this spring. We started off with low water and spotty fishing, that progressed to about as consistently good as the weather would allow. Most days you would have a variety of conditions and if your strategy would adapt you could stay in the fish. Nymphing would usually produce all day, especially if you’d throw in some flies other than a worm and a rubber leg. Midge nymphs would catch fish when nothing else would. Skwala’s seemed to be most productive in the slower water, especially when the sun would pop out and warmed the shallow seems. Cloudy days, when the wind would lay down you could find some flat out good mayfly fishing on top. Probably the most encouraging factors is the amount of cold rain/snow that we have had the last couple of weeks.

It has kept the crowds down and given the fish a break and also raised the water levels and up high added the the dismal winter snowpack we had. With a little luck we will continue to have a cool wet spring. If so, even possibly prolong the “Hoot Owl” day’s arrival. This weeks forecast is for a warm up that will increase active fish and maybe even bring out some more drakes. For sure a little sun to come will help everything out.