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It’s probably a question I’ve gotten more than any other over the last 20 years. While there are many answers, I think the number one reason is that we care. We love to share what we have in Montana. Regardless of your skill level you’re going to receive the same attitude from your guide. Every guide here is equally enthusiastic about teaching as they are about guiding the seasoned Angler.

Here in Missoula, Montana we are fortunate to fly fish on some of the most legendary streams of the world. I can guarantee that you’ve heard of at least one of our streams, if not all of them. The Bitterroot River, the Blackfoot River, the Clark Fork River, the Missouri River, and Rock Creek. Any one of them is reason alone to visit. With exclusive permits on certain stretches, Clear Creek Outfitters is able to get you on water that very few other companies can. I often tell people you can come out for a month and not fish the same stretch of water.

We also specialize in helping our clients (friends) find dream homes out there. Montana River And Ranch Homes are also part of our mission. That mission is to help you find that second vacation home, or a rental, or a place to retire in the heart of paradise. If you’re going to come out and fall in love with Montana, why not stay? I can promise we’ll find you that perfect place.

Call us today and get that fly fishing trip booked, or let us start finding you that perfect place on the river, or in the mountains.

Doug Jones Clear Creek Outfitters Montana

Doug Jones • Owner-Operator & Guide

Clear Creek Outfitters Montana

The Bitterroot River forms just south of Darby, Montana. This is where the East Fork of the Bitterroot and the West Fork of the Bitterroot come together. Both the East and West Fork are outstanding fisheries. The West Fork is best known for its epic Salmon Fly and Golden Stone hatches. Its raw beauty, as it meanders through a canyon lined with fir and pines, makes for a breath taking view at every turn. The East Fork is equally spectacular but is only floated in June and early July due to heavy flows. It is especially known for its outstanding Stonefly hatches. But watch out! The fast flows require quick accurate cast with one eye always locked in downstream checking for upcoming productive water. Our guides at Clear Creek Outfitters have perfected some techniques, here, to help all levels of angling experience

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Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Montana

The Clark Fork River can easily be described as three different rivers. The headwaters are a meandering stream much like the Beaverhead River, and has a predominately brown trout population that are more than willing to attack a streamer or bait fish imitation. As it approaches Missoula, both Rock Creek and the Blackfoot River dump into it before it reaches town. As it winds through Missoula, it turns into more of an urban trout fishery. As it exits Missoula, The Clark Fork meets up with the Bitterroot River and almost doubles in flow size. The species more predominate in this lower stretch is mostly large rainbow trout. For the next 40 miles it remains a large stream as it winds through the Alberton Gorge and its white water section.

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The Blackfoot River was made famous back in the early 90’s with the movie, “A River Runs Through It.” The Blackfoot River can best be described as a river that winds through a conifer lined canyon, with crystal clear water. A good bit of the river is strewn with big boulders and cliff walls. The Blackfoot River canyons were formed by the glacial lake floods that occurred at the end of the last ice age.

Many consider the Blackfoot River as one of the most scenic rivers in Montana. The Blackfoot River originates 10 miles to the northeast of Lincoln, Montana. Its flows come from snowpack and springs near Rodgers Pass. Its total length is 75 miles at the point where it feeds in to the Clark Fork River east of Missoula.

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The Missouri River is the longest river in North America. It flows 2,341 miles before joining the Mississippi River, but for all intents and purposes we’re concerned with the 50 mile stretch below Holter Dam. At times, this stretch is called Montana’s largest spring creek, but rather, the tail water flows mimic the prime conditions of a spring creek. Water flows at a fairly consistent temperature, compared to our local free-stone rivers and boasts good clarity year-round. Due to these conditions the fish grow at a staggering rate, and at times it seems there aren’t any small fish to be found! Due to the abundant aquatic insects the number of trout below the dam is an estimated 16,000 fish per mile! That makes for some excellent Missouri River fly fishing opportunities.

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Well, we don’t sell key chains and coffee mugs; we’re too busy putting our clients on fish!

The night before your trip is spent preparing for the next day, cleaning gear, and comparing notes with our other guides, in an effort to improve the next day. We live and breathe fly fishing and everyone that works with us, knows our profession will probably never make us rich, but it’s our passion that strives to make your day the best it can be.

If you’re not familiar with Missoula’s fly fishing opportunities then you should be! Its home to 4 world class blue ribbon trout streams: The Bitterroot Riiver, Blackfoot River, ClarkFork River, and Rock Creek not to mention the Missouri River which can be accessed on a day trip.

Any one of these rivers would be reason enough to come to Missoula but the fact is, being based in Missoula, we can access several hundred miles of prime water on any given day.


Every trip we do deserves patience, hard work, and understanding of the client’s needs; anywhere from a complete beginner, to a seasoned expert.


Certain times of the year and certain clients require different schedules. For instance the hottest part of the year we may need an earlier start to have the best fishing possible. Or a client may have a desire to fish a certain river at a certain time so flexibility is the key.


While catching fish is very important so is enjoying the day. Other outfitters preach racing down the river to make sure they’re first. We’re not on a set time schedule and our guides are completely competent to be able to catch fish in any condition. In the hottest part of the year, we may need an earlier start to have the best fishing possible. Or a client may have a desire to fish a certain river at a certain time so flexibility is the key.

Create The Guided Fly Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime

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