Montana Fly Fishing

It was a unique season to put it mildly. Not only one of the busiest on record. But also one of the driest. Often I’ll hear “Whats Next year look like”
And, in this pandemic era and crazy weather patterns that seem to be the new norm. I don’t even venture to guess.
What I do know is. Fishing is always a great way to get away from it all. And that will never change. Right now it’s snowing out. So that’s a good sign. The more the better. A great time to get down to the bench and tie a few up. You can’t ever have too many bugs. Also maybe to reflect on past trips and be thankful for the great memories. Because in the end. Thats all we really have. So give us a call and get a few days on the books. Because one things for sure. Your not going to have great memories unless you get out and make em.2017 Gallery photo_1105