Montana Fly Fishing

Conditions could. And have been much worse. Water levels are low on the Bitterroot. But depending on where you go you still have some pretty good options. There’s a world of difference between, say the West Fork at 3PM and the Clark fork at noon. about 12 degrees. So still important to get out and also off early. But probably more attention should be placed on where and when you go. Blackfoot is staying below 70 so far and spruce moths are still really solid. Big attractors and maybe a dropper in the AM, big white caddis in the afternoon then a hopper after lunch. Not really a reason to fish past 2 anyway. Slows down and gets windy. Upper Root on restrictions as of Thursday Aug 4 below Vet’s Bridge. Flows are low due to all the diversion dams sucking out half the river. But in the morning there’s a pseudo cloud cover due to the smoke in the air. Seeing trico’s and PMD spinners “Purple Haze”. Hopper all over also.
A little smoky on the rivers? yes. But getting out early catching some fish and taking a little extra care with them then afternoon nap. Not a bad gig.