Montana Fly Fishing

A nice break this week on the daytime highs. And a decent shower last night helps to cool things down of a bit. With a lot of talk about restrictions things appear to be holding in there. Flows are still pretty good, especially compared to last year. And depending on where you are the water temps are still really good. Took the temp mid-day last week on the upper root. One of those high 90’s days and the water was 63. The same can be said on the upper Blackfoot
the North Fork is flat cold!!
On any given day you can have a slow morning with the little guys being the only ones up. And then the afternoon has the big guys rising. The next day can be the opposite. No rhyme or reason? The lower Clark and the Bitterroot can be a different story. Good idea to still get an early start.
Purple Haze has been the best bet when your seeing PMD’s adults and spinners. Don’t hesitate to throw a hopper or something different on a busy stretch. The fish will refuse a chubby or a prince after seeing 72,000of them.
Hopefully a answer will come soon on a temporary put in/ take out in Stevi. Talks are happening. Would be nice to open that 18 miles of river back up.