Montana Fly Fishing

It’s been a kinda crazy summer weather and flow wise. I tell folks count on 90’s-100’s July thru August… Not this year. First couple weeks in July we had some pretty solid rain. And cooler than average temps. Then just is things heated up and flows started to drop. Once again we got some rain mid August that bumped the flows back up and kept us from hoot owl regulations.
Strange indeed. It’s the unpredictable ways seasons turn out that keep things interesting from year to year. In fact there’s a lot of factors that make things interesting each day. For example the conversation between a couple boats parked Streamside for lunch. Not always about trout. Just the other day a guest singing if you like piña colada’s and getting caught in the rain. Had everyone guessing who the artist was.? “Jimmy Buffet” someone threw out. “No its Steely Dan” was a guess..
I was always sure it was Donnie Osmond?? Anyways Out had to come the iPhone to solve the puzzle. “Ahh it’s Rupert Holmes”. Everybody had a puzzled look on their face. “doesn’t he own Fox? “No that’s Murdoch.” Funny its not just the catching fish that make the day. It’s a big part of it though. And as the hopper fishing is in full swing. With the tricos starting to show. We’ll soon have the fall mayflies show to finish off the fall season. Another one flying bye. Literally. I hope everyone had some great days out there and not gotten caught in the rain too often..