Montana Fly Fishing
Brown trout
Blackfoot brownie

Everything is fishing right now, Salmonflies are out, water levels are just about perfect.And for the first time in a few years the bug numbers seem really good. Had a banner day on one of the Bitteroot forks right out of the gate on the big bug and a fairly cool morning. Things switched cloudy and rainy and all of the sudden,a Thick PMD hatch came on. They would still eat the stone but watched steady rises on PMD’s. Blackfoot is almost past the green stage and is fishing the entire length. Pmd’s Salmon flies, caddis, and some yellow sallies. It is also a great window on the Clark Fork. The clarity isn’t perfect, but the fish are hungry, relatively fresh and looking up.
Rock Creek and the other tribs are also hot. But please use caution, as flows are still dangerous.
Looks like a promising summer ahead. If we can continue to get afternoon showers, maybe we can slide by without Hoot Owl reestrictions. Fingers crossed..