Montana Fly Fishing

Never have seen it before. But it’s happening now. Salmonflies are still around and the spruce moth’s are gonzo. River levels have finally leveled off to where they should be just about everywhere.
Blackfoot has been fishing best from around 9 to about 12. And it seems like the water temps aren’t the issue on the warm days, but more the air temp and wind seem to be what slows things down on the bug end. seems like up there a windy day can be a tough day. Chubbies with a dropper can be the best way to start but once the moths come off a big caddis will do. You’ll see plenty of mayflies also. So a double dry rig can be deadly.
Root is more of a yellow sally and PMD deal with the best fishing once again morning and early afternoon. Both rivers pick up again at dusk.
Clark Fork is primed up and you no longer have to depend on your nymphs. Hopefully with the flows as high as they have been we won’t have an algae issue this year? Pretty much peak conditions out there…