Montana Fly Fishing

IMG_1015Well the weather changes daily. But the bugs seem to be most predictable. Really hasn’t mattered if it’s sunny and 70 or 40 and cloudy the hatches are most active from about 11-3. Which is what you would expect this time of year. In August ,in the middle of summer the opposite will ring true. The mayfly’s are a little more low front independent. When the weather changes it can almost be like a light switch for a hatch.
The stones, all sizes are thick. By that I mean if you look in the calm water when you stop, you’ll see a few. This is never really a blanket hatch. And the fish haven’t really been that picky yet. Depending on how many patterns they have seen before they see yours. On a busy day here is a tip. It should really be a no brainer. The river is big enough for fish to be in all the channels. If it’s crowded get out of the boat and fish the un-flotable ones. I stopped the other day for lunch and we fished a couple nice size fish that were stuck in a isolated pool formed by dropping water. Enjoy, and treat others how you would like to be treated.