Montana Fly Fishing

This is the time of year to scratch your head and try new things. Most of the freestone rivers have turned high and off color and will be that way for a couple of months.There are still many options however, ice has been off the lakes now for a few weeks in many areas. Tailwater rivers, while high continue to run clear. And May 17th marks the feeder stream opener. This is also a great time to sit down at the bench and reflect on last season, and maybe something you said you’d tie up when you had the chance.

Just because the rivers are high doesn’t mean you have to be off the rivers. This is a great time to learn a new float. maybe something way down on the Clark Fork? And why not take a rod high water after all also means the fish will all be pushed up into the obvious areas. Its really just a matter of finding a feeder and putting the fly Right in front of him. And maybe a little luck.

Lastly, while summer flows seem far away they will be here before you know it. Pull out those boxes throw away those flies that are just taking up space and clean/organize those gear bags. That way when the day comes you can grab it and go instead of that night before panic.


Till next time,

Doug Jones

Clear Creek Outfitters