Montana Fly Fishing

“Back to normal” is a term or a saying that’s been tossed around a bit. In our fishing world that usually means Runoff has peaked and fishing has improved in Missoula. And, that is the case, for the most part. And sparing you of a detailed explanation of Covid/travel restrictions. Things are also back to normal, for the most part. Right now you can come and go, from out of state for your fishing trip. Thankfully…
Fishing wise. The Blackfoot has been dropping hard and reached that green color that indicates you should have a great day. Lots of salmon flies, PMD’s caddis, and yellow sallies out. You can get them on top. And with a drop. Likewise, a nymph rig can be extremely effective. Cool-weather this week should help the river continue to fall.
The Clark Fork is where the Blackfoot was about a week ago. Still off-color; but worth a shot, If you want to avoid the extended cabin fever crowds you’ll find on a weekend. Sub-surface is the name of the game on the CF.
Bitteroot is clear, big, and falling most of the river. Getting in the side channels still paying off.
The West Fork is crowded on most days. Plenty of Big Bugs up there. Along with smaller stones.
Trying something OTHER than a rubber leg or a worm as a dropper can usually pay off. As the fish have already seen their fair share of those patterns.
For the most part, the forecasters are calling for a cool June. This should help maintain good flows throughout the summer. And, with a little luck. We won’t see too many of those hurricane wind days like last weekend.

Bitteroot river
Getting bent on the Bitteroot