Montana Fly Fishing

IMG_2157_300x158Weather has changed and it’s been nice. temps in the high 60’s and some overcast rainy days in the future. depending on where you go and the type of conditions are out there will dictate what boxes you will need to have on top.
Sunny days on the Blackfoot have brought out some October caddis. And on the cloudy days its been more BWO’s and smaller midges. Still some trio’s and hoppers out when it’s warm. The real ticket up there is a Oct caddis nymph. But the right one makes all the difference. I’ve never found a insect with so many nymph patters that don’t seem to work..Strange?
Over on the bitterroot cloudy days hecubas, sunny days tricos and hoppers. flows aren’t great but seem to be improving, just a little bit mid river. You will find that you really don’t have to do too much dragging unless your in below the Tucker water.
Clark Fork still really solid, hopper dropper’s still hard to beat. The dropper pattern that works one day probably won’t the next. So switch up if you hit a lull.
Good stuff out there, colors changing, peaceful, and should be that way for the next month. So break out the waders and the fleece and get it in before the snow flies.