Montana Fly Fishing

We have seen a warm up over the last few days which has in turn bumped up the flows a good bit. Is this the start of runoff. Well not so much as in terms as no more spring fishing.  It colored up the water on some of the rivers, but they should clear up again with cooler temps through the next week.Yesterday both the Blackfoot and the Clark Fork had about a foot of visibility. The fishing was ok but you had to put it right in front of the trout.When streamer, fishing white was the name of the game.

If you didn’t already know the diversion dam below Woodside is about as dangerous as it’s been this season. (see article)  Two men and a dog were thrown out of there rafts recently.They are all ok but it took a rescue crew to save the dog from the log on the river right side of the damn…dam. This diversion needs a legitimate fix other than a few more signs to prevent any other loss of lives. The bottom line is, if a father has 2 children and a full size raft the portage is almost impossible.

Lets be safe out there things are only going to become more dangerous

Till Next Time

Doug Jones

Clear Creek Outfitters