Montana Fly Fishing

Hello from Missoula Montana! This blog is intended to keep you up to date on current fishing conditions from Western Montana and serve as a guide for a trip out West.

We are, as said, based in Missoula; arguably the center of the most diverse and well-known rivers in the US. Within 10 minutes you could be on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and just a little bit further down the road, Rock Creek. All of these considered Blue Ribbon Streams! A visit here for three full weeks could put you on a different float daily. Not only is there fantastic fishing but great dining, activities and lodging from a multi-million dollar home to a Motel 6.

Updated regularly, we will touch base on the times of year to fish out West, break down the personality of all the rivers, and of course, the fishing reports! During the off-season we plan on giving advice on other parts of the world to fish, as well as some fly-tying tips.

The next blog will touch base on the proper rod and reel combo you may want to bring.

Till next time,
Doug Jones
Clear Creek Outfitters