Montana Fly Fishing
Blackfoot, Missoula
High Water

Pretty much a daily change in conditions. In fact your conditions could change several times a day, in spring. Yesterday on the Blackfoot, it snowed in the morning. Then cleared off and blew about 30mph the rest of the day. Today cool and rainy. Tomorrow 70’s and sunny. All changing how things fish considerably. The color is a nice glacier green with a couple feet of vis. But subsurface is the name of the game for the most part. Fish were caught on the silly worm and pat’s mostly. A couple of streamer eats. Things may hold on for another week before the big push..? But who really knows, there are too many factors to consider. Its a nice way to get away from the crowds.
Upper Clark is probably better water quality than the BF. The further east of town the better. The weather dictates if your looking at a Mayfly pattern or a bobber.
The Root has steadily dropped throughout the week. Except for a small bump on the West Fork. Side channels should continue to fish even as the river rises. Better the weather the more crowds. No pain no gain, I guess.
the Lower Clark seems to be a gamble. Paying close attention to the wind is a good bet.
It has been a good snow pack and a cool spring. If we get a fairly wet June the outlook is good for a full season with no restrictions. Keep you fingers crossed!!