Montana Fly Fishing

Fishing Boat with LogoThings are about where they should be. Clark Fork is still a little off color. But is actually fishing pretty damn good sub-surface. Turds, Prince’s is about all you really need. Blackfoot is starting to get a much needed break after being HAMMERED! If you do decided to fish there don’t forget to hit the middle of the river. Sometimes the fish will move there for a respite. Canyon stretch continues to be the busiest with boats.
West Fork of the bitterroot is also getting a little break. Which means about 10 boats some days instead of 30. Salmonflies are pretty much done up there and smaller Golden’s seem to be a good call. smaller droppers seem to work better than the big stones and worms.
The root has dropped enough to catch some fish on top. Drakes and PMD’s are predominate. The river is still somewhat high tho. Wade fisherman will do better up high. Or around the Stevi area since both floats above and below are basically closed to floating due to no access.