Montana Fly Fishing
Brown trout
Blackfoot brownie

It’s the middle of June. 9/10 Summers, we would be already be fishing all local rivers. Not this one, but things are changing quickly as rivers continue to drop. This is a good problem unless your trying to find water right now. We “should” be in a position to have awesome water levels fo the remainder of the season.
The big bug is out and the fish are on them as long as your fishing where the water quality is good. The Blackfoot is still a little colored up. But should be a great option once again soon. The Clark Fork is still not an option, or at least not a great one.
Yesterday on the upper root it was really close but still moving fast w/very little holding water and not much in the way of bugs. This weekend should make a huge difference in the amount of water that is viable. Possibly twice as many options as last week. So keep an eye on the graphs. Another good option is picking a good wading spot on a small stream. We still have a lot of summer left to float. And this year should include August. So hang in there were really close