Montana Fly Fishing

IMG_0713Well it’s here….Summer, starts officially on the 21st. The longest day of the year. Birds are up around 4:30 and stays light past 9pm. Things have really shaped up fast around Missoula. Many of the rivers starting fishing about a week ago. With the cold front and rain moving through the past few days bumping things up slightly. The rain may have actually been a good thing as far as holding off the big bug hatch until things clear back up somewhat. Salmon flys are out but haven’t really peaked yet. The weather on tap the next few days should get em going.
Certain floats were busy today so calling ahead to you shuttle driver can be a good call..Literally. On many of the rivers there are plenty of bugs on top PMD’s, Yellow Sallies are all ready out it’s just a case of needing a touch more clarity for the topwater action to heat up.
If you floating the Upper Canyon On the BlackFoot a little caution should be uses a mile or so down river from River Junction. Apparently there is a dead Elk on river right. A sow Grizzly and cubs have been making a meal out of it and have charged a couple boats so far. Be safe and

Until Next Time,

Doug Jones

Clear Creek Outfitters