Montana Fly Fishing

DSC_1253Well things are definitely changing around Missoula. The river’s are dropping big time and we may be through with runoff before you know it. Then again we may not. I stopped trying to predict and worry about what the late summer conditions would be a long time ago. Because bottom line is we have no control. This year we had record snow, and May was very warm for the most part. So let’s just hope for a wet June.
Brings up a good point though with changing conditions daily. It’s important to keep an eye on the graphs. Or better yet take a drive and see for yourself. I think some of the best and most exciting fishing comes in June, but you gotta time things perfectly. What I mean by that is the clarity being just right to match the flows. If you’re flexible and able to get out and take some risks you can nail it. Nail it before its been nailed, and the word’s gotten out and you may have a shot at some of the biggest trout of the year. Trout that haven’t seen a million flies. Trout that haven’t been able to eat at will because of visibility. And for the same reason are not quite as spooky as they usually are. I like to think of this time of year as the first good Powder Dump if you’re a skier.
Keep a close eye on what’s going on. And maybe keep your rod and bags ready. It can happen any day.

Till next Time,

Doug Jones

Clear Creek Outfitters