Montana Fly Fishing

Ok, the main reason you should fish the Blackfoot River isn’t…Because you saw and loved the “Movie,” A River runs through it. Although this was a great movie that did much for the sport of fly fishing. It really wasn’t even filmed on the Blackfoot. Much of the movie was actually filmed on a river a few hours south of Missoula. While the other river is beautiful and looks similar to the Blackfoot, it actually has the highway running alongside most of the way and was much more accessible to a film crew. Much of the Blackfoot is secluded and runs through Federal and State lands, thankfully.

After the runoff is done in late June to early July the BF runs gin clear. In fact it’s one of the only rivers around that holds native populations of Bull Trout considered to be an indicator species only to be found in the cleanest of rivers. Much of this river is strewn with big boulders forming excellent pocket water, deep pools lined with under water shelves, and sections of whitewater that help in keeping the river clean. In fact, on slower sections you can count rocks on the bottom in every color imaginable.

If that’s not reason enough to float the Blackfoot, then maybe the amount of dry fly fishing that’s to be had on the river most of the season. On a float it’s typical for an angler to have 25-30 fish rise on the fly. Whether the fish are caught or not depends on the skill of the angler. But the amount of opportunities is what makes this river so special.

Is the Blackfoot the only river to fish while in Missoula, Montana? No, in fact, you can be on the Bitteroot, Clarkfork, or Rock Creek within minutes of town. This diversity of rivers and the amount of things to do while here can’t be beat anywhere else. But if you only had one day. Take a trip Down the Blackfoot, you won’t regret it.

Until Next Time,

Doug Jones

Clear Creek Outfitters