Montana Fly Fishing

Rollercoaster Fishing Report

Spring fly fishing on the Bitteroot River Montana

This spring’s fishing has been a rollercoaster for sure. It was a little slow to get going in March, but picked up and was solid for sure. Many days were riddled with different types of weather conditions that at some time affected the fishing other times not so much. You could have Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, […]

Really Good Spring Report Masters Week 24

Fly Fishing Montana Bitterroot River

Things probably couldn’t have shaped up any better this spring. We started off with low water and spotty fishing, that progressed to about as consistently good as the weather would allow. Most days you would have a variety of conditions and if your strategy would adapt you could stay in the fish. Nymphing would usually […]

Skwala report 3/21/24

Blackfoot, Missoula

Well, First batch of nice spring weather has everybody and their brother out on the Bitteroot. And you can’t really blame em. Winter can stretch out a bit. Last weekend was the worst for crowds, but the last couple of days, not so bad.The best way to sum up the fishing has been a little […]

For those who wait to book we Salute You!

Montana Guided Fly Fishing

Well, at least this year booking late could benefit you. Usually, I recommend that folks book early to lock down the best dates. As they tend to fill up early. This year may be a little different. I try to never guess/anticipate how the season may roll out when flows on the river are concerned. […]

Best hatches in years July 15

Bitter Root Fly Fishing Montana

Just like it says, the bugs have been epic. Sunny and hot. Doesn’t matter, stoneflies, mayflies, and caddis. the thickest I’ve seen in years.The water flows have been fairly good too, but dropping fast. Yesterday sleeping child diversion was a little grabby. Some afternoon showers would help a little. Along with FWP moving some obstacles […]

June 26 2023

Montana Fly Fishing

Everything is fishing right now, Salmonflies are out, water levels are just about perfect.And for the first time in a few years the bug numbers seem really good. Had a banner day on one of the Bitteroot forks right out of the gate on the big bug and a fairly cool morning. Things switched cloudy […]

Spring 2023

Bitteroot Rainbow

Things are fishing pretty good depending on the day. A couple of warmer overcast days in a row can really trigger the big bugs on the Bitteroot. When a little slower a small Adams or BWO behind the chubby can be the trick. Later in the Day is your best bet. If its slow when […]


Brown trout

It’s the middle of June. 9/10 Summers, we would be already be fishing all local rivers. Not this one, but things are changing quickly as rivers continue to drop. This is a good problem unless your trying to find water right now. We “should” be in a position to have awesome water levels fo the […]

May 2022 Missoula Montana Fishing report

Blackfoot, Missoula

Pretty much a daily change in conditions. In fact your conditions could change several times a day, in spring. Yesterday on the Blackfoot, it snowed in the morning. Then cleared off and blew about 30mph the rest of the day. Today cool and rainy. Tomorrow 70’s and sunny. All changing how things fish considerably. The […]

2021 Season wrap up

It was a unique season to put it mildly. Not only one of the busiest on record. But also one of the driest. Often I’ll hear “Whats Next year look like”And, in this pandemic era and crazy weather patterns that seem to be the new norm. I don’t even venture to guess.What I do know […]