Fishing Report 3/28/17

Water flows on the Bitterroot are pretty high and a few feet of clarity. Fishing has been good. But mostly sub-surface. It’s not really that there isn’t any bugs though… Plenty of neumoras and fair amount of skwalas. Things should continue to improve as levels drop. Should have a solid 2-3 weeks of great fishing […]

Spring Report 2017

Looks like spring’s made it. Time for the big thaw. Things have started to fish pretty good, but conditions will vary from day to day. Were getting rain down low, and still getting some good snow up high. Continues to look like a great summer is in store. This runoff will give the rivers a […]

2017 Fishing Report

Were well into the new year out here in Missoula. Getting record snowfalls in the area which is good no matter how you look at it. We could have a quick warm up, and the runoff could be done again in mid June. But it’s also possible that we could have a wet spring and […]

10/10/16 report

Past week conditions have been a lot wetter and cooler. Some river’s have slowed a bit due to water temps (Blackfoot) and some have suffered a little due to clarity (Clark Fork). You can still catch fish but the window and bug activity have diminished some. The Bitterroot seems to be the most consistent of […]

Sept 29

October is almost here and summer seems to be holding on. With that so does the hopper fishing, for the time being. This weeks temps in the 80’s next week in the 50’s. Next week looks like the switch will be back to mostly mayflies. Some updates, upper Clark below Garrison below the train bridge […]

fall’s here

Weather has changed and it’s been nice. temps in the high 60’s and some overcast rainy days in the future. depending on where you go and the type of conditions are out there will dictate what boxes you will need to have on top. Sunny days on the Blackfoot have brought out some October caddis. […]

Really good

A lot of really good things are happening. Schools back in session and the summer crowds are starting to thin on the rivers. lately the weather has been cooler and brought some much needed rain. This in turn has brought out our fall mayflies in great numbers. This has brought some really nice fish to […]

July 15 report

Last weekend brought a pretty significant bump in flows depending on where you were. Monday’s levels on the upper root almost doubled, and as it progressed down river it added a little color to the river. Slowed the fishing a little but if you switched to a more visible fly the fish would still eat […]

5th of July

Kinda a mixed bag of news. The flows have been coming down pretty quick but… The weather has cooled in the 70’s for a high the whole upcoming week. So at the least it’s comfortable again. Rain possible a couple days too. Last week it had gotten to the point where an early start was […]

Report 6/25

The last couple of days has brought on a pretty big weather change. From the 80’s to the 50’s. This has knocked the bugs back. Still some out, just a switch from heavy Salmonflies and Yellow sallies in spots to Mayflies. Mahogany’s were the name of the game yesterday. But it was somewhat brief mixed […]