Missoula fishing report runoff

Warmer temps has brought on the muddy and high water. In a way getting rid of a little of it now may be good. Otherwise we could have high water mid-July. The Skwala hatchway one of the best in years with some great stuff on top. It just seemed to come a bit later this […]

Happy 2018

Well, new year, great snow packs so far and with a little luck we’ll have a smoke free summer. Time of year where summer seems ages away. But we will be out in a month or so chasing the big green stones along with the fish. This year is going to include some new restrictions […]

Fall Fishing Report 9/10/17

Things have started to cool off. Smokey haze has kept the water temps down and the fish pretty happy. It has still been the best fishing down on the Bitterroot early. Hoppers, Tricos, and the Big Mayfly showing up. Mixing the dropper up can pay off. Blackfoot still a hopper and Trico deal but October […]

Aug 4th Fishing Report Silver Lining

Conditions could. And have been much worse. Water levels are low on the Bitterroot. But depending on where you go you still have some pretty good options. There’s a world of difference between, say the West Fork at 3PM and the Clark fork at noon. about 12 degrees. So still important to get out and […]

Fishing report July 16

A nice break this week on the daytime highs. And a decent shower last night helps to cool things down of a bit. With a lot of talk about restrictions things appear to be holding in there. Flows are still pretty good, especially compared to last year. And depending on where you are the water […]

Report 7/1

Things are about where they should be. Clark Fork is still a little off color. But is actually fishing pretty damn good sub-surface. Turds, Prince’s is about all you really need. Blackfoot is starting to get a much needed break after being HAMMERED! If you do decided to fish there don’t forget to hit the […]

Report June 21 Summer Solstice

Blackfoot gets better everyday. Clarity is about 2-3 feet glacier green. Salmonflies still thick around Russell Gates and above. Big fish eating them but not always consistent. If their not taking on top go sub with a streamer or a nymph/worm. Seems to be a time frame deal up there. may have great fishing for […]

Fishing Report 6/16

Conditions are not what they are last weekend but much better than they were last Tuesday. Some record rain south and east… well pretty much everywhere, threw a monkey wrench in the local rivers. On the West fork, the New Perez was spitting mud and had the midway point out of shape, but rebounded quick. […]

Fishing report 6/10 getting better

The cool weather has thing shaping up. And options are also good enough to stay on this side of the divide. Main rivers are high still high. But clarity is improving in many spots and a little gamble, as long as you stay safe, can pay off. Upper stretches of all the rivers are your […]

Easter Fishing Report

Rivers are still looking pretty good. High but clear, for the most part. Blackfoot has a little color. But fishing pretty good subsurface. Good chance at some quality fish but not really numbers, unless your on your game. Worms, Streamers, and rubber leg stuff. No rocket science here. Bonus is getting away from the crowds. […]